Awesome Corporate Gifts for Work-from-Home Employees

Awesome Corporate Gifts for Work-from-Home Employees

Your phone rings. You answer to find out that it's your friend who lives in another city, and they need a favor—asking you to help them with some ideas on the best gifts to give to their work-from-home employees.


But what if we told you there was an easy way to get around this? If you're one of those people who manage people who work remotely, then we've got some great news for you: the Suyobo corporate gifts are here!



A lot of people work at home these days. Whether they are looking to start a side hustle or they are already working remotely, they likely need gifts. Gifting the right presents is one of the most difficult parts of buying for people; and when you're buying for someone who works from home, it can be particularly challenging. You don't want to get them something that might be too boring, useless, and you don't want to give them something that's going to make their work more difficult or an added clutter.


But with just a little bit of guidance, you can find the perfect gift for your new remote office manager or a work-from-home employee!



It's hard to believe, but the employees of today have a lot more independence than they did even just twenty years ago. It is not uncommon for workers to be able to take time off to go on vacation whenever they want and to work remotely, which makes corporate gift giving a little tougher. It's important, however, that your gifts do not come off as manipulative or desperate. Employee gifting etiquette is indeed not an easy task.


Working at a company doesn't stop when you clock out. Companies have to be able to reward great work, to recognize hard work and have to have a system to do so. Corporate gifts are a great way to recognize accomplishments and provide staff with appealing gifts that they can actually use, that makes working from home more fun and productive.



If you want to present the gift of giving to your employees then you need to follow these tips. It means that you need to know what your employees want and how to make them happy.  That's why we've compiled this list of the best gifts for work-from-home employees—from the practical to the fun, these are sure to make your employees’ or clients’ day!


  1. Doodle Mugs

You know what they say, a clean slate is only a short walk away. Now, it's time to consider the gift you'll be giving away at work. It's hard to know what to buy that will mean the most to the new employee, or even to a loyal employee you’re gifting to. Working from home means long hours, so it can be tough to unwind after a long day. But with an exciting mug, they can relax, take a breather, as they enjoy their favorite drink!



This Chic Doodle Mug from Suyobo will become your female work-from-home employees’ new favorite beverage container and remind them of all their favorite colleagues!


  1. Candle Glasses

If your employees or coworkers work from home, you may run out of ideas for what to send them for their desk. Consider sending a cedar candle for their home office. Not only are they a nice, sweet scent, but they will also lift your coworkers' spirits. This would make an ideal corporate gift for the holidays. It's a thoughtful, affordable, and charming gift. It can help make their workspace a more relaxed, stress-free environment—even if they are at their home office!



The Bourbon Cedar Candle Glass is a sure hit when they need some calming down time!


  1. Bath Robe

When you can't be in the office with your colleagues, there's no need to be stuck in your room. At home, there may be a lack of interaction and interaction can be so important. Bath robes are also a little more personal than some other types of gifts. If your employees work from home, a gift such as a bath robe can be a great and useful idea.



This 100% Cotton Waffle Bath Robe from Suyobo is just what they will need when they need a little extra warmth!


  1. Hard Cover Journal with Power Bank

Many of the jobs that people choose to do from home do not offer the same type of benefits that people working at an office receive. One of the most important benefits that people working at an office have is time. The beauty of working in an office is that people have a lot of time to set aside to do things they enjoy. So, why not offer a gift that will help your work-at-home employee get some work done? This Power Bank A5 Journal Wireless is perfect!




  1. Facial massager

A facial massager is a perfect gift for those who work from home. For the busy office worker who needs a quick pick-me-up, a facial massager is a great idea for a gift. It's not often that a person finds a time to take care of themselves and some of the stress that is associated with the job. A lot of people turn to massage when they're feeling a little off, and one way to ensure that they’re feeling better is with a facial massager.



This Gua Sha Crystal Beauty Massager will help your employees be able to stay on top of things!



People tend to feel more involved when they are given some sort of gift. This is why, when someone is given a gift, it often makes them feel more committed to their work. Sure, sometimes it's nice to receive a gift for all the hard work you do. But it's also nice to give gifts to your coworkers, too! If you're stuck for ideas, we hope that this blog gave you some options for a fun gift for any of your clients, employees, or coworkers.


With most of the world working in a corporate environment, it's important that you think about what corporate gifts you might want to give to your employees, especially those who work-from-home. Giving these office gifts for remote employees will help raise morale and make them feel special—at a distance.


Put the "fun" in "function". Gift these amazing corporate gifts to those awesome peeps!

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