Top 10 Creative Personalized Business Gifts for Women

Top 10 Creative Personalized Business Gifts for Women

Top 10 Creative Personalized Business Gifts for Women



Women, we know you. We've been there. We've been in your shoes—and we've got your back.

When it comes to finding the best gifts for a new employee or a client, it can be hard to find something that's just right… but we think we've found it with our amazing selection of corporate gifts for women! These are the perfect gifts for women who work hard and want to feel like they're making an impact at work every day.

And so we've put together this list of awesome corporate gifts for women who work hard and play even harder:


  1. Owl iMac Webcam Cover

We know that your iMac is the center of your digital life, and we want to make sure it stays protected. That's why we created this beautiful Owl iMac Webcam Cover, which is the perfect way to protect your privacy while still letting you keep an eye on your computer. It’s also an excellent corporate gift!

  1. Ceramic Matcha Japanese Style Bowl Whisk Set


For your tea-lovin’ coworkers out there, a whisk is definitely a must-have. If they’re a fan of matcha, they'll want to make sure their whisk is up to the task of whipping up some frothy goodness!

This Ceramic Matcha Japanese Style Bowl Whisk Set offers a great option for matcha drinkers looking for lightweight, yet durable tools. The entire set is constructed of all-natural bamboo with a vegetable oil finish to enhance its durability.


  1. Chic Doodle Mugs



A mug is a mug is a mug…

But this one's different! It's a ceramic mug, it's chic, and you can color and design it the way you want it!

What better way to do that than with a stylish ceramic mug that's designed with your favorite character, scribbled reminders, or quote for the day? The Suyobo Chic Doodle Mug is a must-have for any coffee lover, and it even comes with a marker and easy-to-follow steps on how to design it.



  1. False Lash Effect Mascara


False lash effect mascaras are the newest mascara on the market. It's been getting a lot of buzz lately, and for a good reason! Suyobo’s False Lash Effect Mascara is a revolutionary new product that promises to add false lashes to your eyelashes without the actual lash extensions themselves. Plus, it lasts all day, and it’s cruelty-free!

  1. Foldable Book Light



How to be a book-lover:

1. Buy the Suyobo foldable book light.
2. Keep it on your bedside table at night, so you can read under the covers without turning on the lights.
3. When you're finished reading, put it back in your bag so it doesn't take up any space in there and make you feel guilty about how many books you've already read this month.


Absolutely a great gift for your bookworm employees or colleagues!

6. Bullet Pen - GOLD


Bullet-shaped pens are a great way to make a statement—and Suyobo’s Bullet Pen built with a streamlined gold-plated brass body is a game-changer! It comes with a permanent oil-based black ink cartridge that’s easily refillable with 4 C-type refills and a custom box for easy gifting this holiday season.

It's super easy to use, and it will help you stay organized in the office. Your VIP clients are gonna love this!

7. Natural Jute Tote Bags with Handles


Are you tired of the same old boring tote bags as a personalized business gift for women? We too! So we decided to make our own.

With our high-quality jute textile, you can be sure that these bags will last for years without tears or fraying. They hold up well under heavy use. Plus, jute is a sustainable fabric and made from renewable resources which means they're good for the environment too!


  1. Manicure Set with Carry Pouch


We've had a lot of requests for a manicure set with a carry pouch as a corporate gift, so we're finally taking the plunge. We've been working on this for a few months now, and we're finally ready to reveal the results: A personalized manicure set that can be carried around in your female team members’ pocket or purse!

9. Bourbon Cedar Candle Glass


Our favorite candle glass, the Bourbon Cedar Candle Glass, is made with eco-friendly soy wax. It's vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. This glass has a beautiful rustic print, and we just love how it looks…which means your coworkers can also enjoy this as an attractive display piece when they’re not burning it!

This candle glass is perfect for any home that wants to add a little bit of luxury to their decor. It's also great for people who want to display their candles in style and don't want them ending up all over their furniture or carpeting.

  1. Palm Tree Hat


We've got you covered! This hat will keep you cool in the heat and the sun, but don't let that fool you—it's also super stylish. The cute palm tree print is vibrant and colorful, giving the cap’s bold yet simple style a fun pop of color. Let the women in your office be in style at the beach or pool party, or anywhere else they go!


It's not easy to find the perfect gift for a woman who works hard, wants to feel good about herself and her work, and has a ton of stuff going on in her life. But it's possible—and we're here to help you craft the best personalized business gifts for women.

Let Suyobo design the perfect corporate gift for you!


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