Let's Develop any Product Together!

Product is our passion but so is our system. From our unique creatives to our vast global sourcing network and finally to our seasoned supply chain we can create just about any product you'd like.
"Ben and his team at Suyobo were a pleasure to work with. As a buyer, you’re always looking for brands that can innovate on concepts, provide competitive pricing, and deliver on time. Ben consistently executed on all three facets, and not only made my job easier but made our customers happier as well." - BIRCHBOX

How To Get Started?

Launch your product idea in as little as 8 weeks!
Step 1: Getting to know you and your project!
If you have an idea for a product but don't know where to get started then let's set up a time to chat so we can learn more about your needs and return with an Action Plan.
Step 2: Approving Project Quote 
Now that we have all the details and we have a plan in place. It's time to review the project quote. Once approved we'll move into sampling and quality control.
Step 3: Development & Production Phase
Once the production sample is ready we finalize the assembly, packaging, labels, shipping and place the order. Our team will continue to monitor and execute quality control protocols to ensure a seamless production run.
Step 4: Shipping and Delivery Logistics
This is optional but if needed we can handle a door to door delivery for your product. We can assist with shipping via (Air, Boat, Train) and handle the import duties, tariffs, marine insurance and final mile delivery as well.
Pharmacy Product



All Surgical Glove



All Surgical Glove



A little Reflection

Our Work

From Golf Accessories to Basic Loungewear what we love the most is to receive a challenging project and making it turn to reality!

About us

About us

What makes Suyobo different? 

In short, our creative approach and accountability is our value-add. We focus on building a network of creatives and manufacturers to bring your projects to life. 

  • Full art department
  • Packaging design team 
  • In‐house copywriting 
  • Global, cross-category trend forecasting services
  • Experienced, forward-thinking  Creative & operations teams to handle all facets from conept to delivery.
  • Creative operations teams to handle asset creation, e-commerce logistics, photoshoot production, visual merchandising, and more.

Can you really make anything? 

Can you work with my budget?

What are the steps in your process?

Can you guarantee a delivery schedule?

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